Full text: List of Nobel Laureates (1939)

The prize for the year 1908 was awarded to: 
LirPMANN, GABRIEL, professor of physics at the Uni- 
versity of Paris, born 1845, died 12th July, 
1921; “for his method, based upon the phenomenon 
of interference for veproducing colours by photo- 
The prize for the vear 1900 was divided equally be- 
Marconi, GucLI:ELmo, Italy, born 1874, died 2oth 
July, 1937; and 
Braun, FERDINAND, professor of physics at the Uni- 
versity of Strasbourg, born 1850, died 2oth 
April, 1918; “in recognition of their services in 
the development of wireless telegraphy.”’ 
The prize for the vear 1910 was awarded to: 
fessor of physics at the University of Amster- 
dam, born 1837, died 8th March, 1923; “for his 
work in conmection with the equation of state for 
gases and liquids.” 
The prize for the year 1911 was awarded to: 
WIEN, WILHELM, professor of physics at the Univer- 
sity of Wiirzburg, born 1864, died 31st August, 
1928; “for his discoveries vegarding the laws gov- 
erning the vadiation of heat.” 
The prize for the year 1012 was awarded to: 
DALEN, GUSTAF, chief engineer, Stockholm, born 
1869, died oth December, 1937; “for his discovery 
of automatic regulators, which can be used in con- 
junction with gas accumulators for lighting light- 
houses and light buoys.” 
Lhe prize for the year 1913 was awarded to: 
KAMERLINGH, ONNEs HEIKE, professor at the Uni- 
versity of Leyden, born 1853, died 21st February,

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