Full text: List of Nobel Laureates (1939)

The prize for the year 1934 was awarded to: 
Urey, HAROLD CLAYTON, professor of chemistry at 
the Columbia University of New York, born 
1893; “for his discovery of heavy hydrogen.” 
The prize for the year 1935 was equally divided be- 
JorLior, FREDERIC, professor at the Radium Insti- 
tute in Paris, born 1900, and 
Jorior-CuriEg, IRENE, dr., at the Radium Institute 
in Paris, bern 1897; “for their jointly performed 
synthesis of new radioactive elements’. 
The prize for the year 1936 was awarded to: 
Deve, PETER J. W,, professor of experimental phys- 
ics at the University of Berlin and director of 
the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics, born 
1884; “for his contributions to the knowledge 
of molecular structure through his investiga- 
tions on dipole moments and on the diffraction 
of X-rays and electrons in gases.” 
Lhe prize for the year 1937 was equally divided be- 
HAaworTH, WALTER NORMAN, professor of chemistry 
at the University of Birmingham, born 1883; 
“for his research on carbohydrates and vitamin 
C”’: and 
I[CARRER, PAUL, professor of chemistry at the Univer- 
sity of Zurich, director of its Chemical Institute, 
born 1889; “for his investigations of carotenoids 
and flavins and for his research on vitamins A 
and B,”. 
I'he prize for the year 1 wvzo vosevved for the following 

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