Full text: Irmenstraße und Irmensäule

© Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg, Best. 340 Grimm Nr. Dr 221 
Anhang über Wade. 
Altengl. Uebersetzung des Guido von Columna (Warton 
2. n. 9.) 
many speken of men that romaunces rede etc* 
of kevelocke, hörne and of Wade 
in romances that of them bc made cte. 
Ritson* Z. 265* macht dazu folgende Note: 
we, unfortunately, have lost the writeings aud even the hi- 
ßtory ©f this celebrated peisonage , exccpt as to a very fevtr 
anecdotes or allusious, which onely serve to whet our anxiety 
for the rest: Chaucer in his merchaunls tale has this ctuplet; 
and eke thisc olde widewes (god it wote) 
they connen so moch craft in Wades böte. v, 9297. 
Upon this, quoth the worthy Tyrwhitt, Speght remarks as 
follows: „concerning Wade and his böte called G ui ngelot, 
as also his straunge exploits in the same, because the matter 
is long and fabulous, !- passe it over" tantamne rem tarn negli- 
genter? Mr. Speght probably did not foresee, that posterity 
would be as much obliged to him for a litt Je of this fabulous 
matter concerning Wade and his böte , as for the gravest of 
his annotations» — the story of Wade is mentioned again by 
Chaucer in hispTroilus III« 615* 
he songe, she playde, he toide a tale of Wade 
Sir Francis Kinaston in his commentary on the loves of Troilus 
and Creseid says , that Chaucer mcans a ridlculous romance. .. 
for, in his time, therc was a foolish fabulous legend of one 
Wade aud his boate Guingelot, w herein he did many stränge 
things and had many wonderfull adventuies.

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